DEMOCRATS  11:41 am February 25, 2008

GOP Holds Focus Groups To Develop New Code Words

by Sara K. Smith

'Do as I say, not as I do'The Republican party finds itself in a pickle this political season: how to point out subtle differences between John McCain and his future Presidential opponent without saying unpleasant words like “black” or “woman.” Several party leaders have already come up with brilliant solutions, revealed after the jump.

Jack Kemp, the Vice Presidential pick of genial loser Bob Dole in 1996, told Politico that “obviously you have to be sensitive to issues that affect urban America. …You have to be careful.”

Republican strategist Kellyanne Conway speaks delicately of “different looking” candidates and the dangers of being “Macaca-ed.” And Ed Rollins, campaign chair for Mike Huckabee, vows not to compare Obama to “another candidate,” which we assume is code for “Jesse Jackson.”

The Republican National Committee has been holding top-secret polling and focus groups to determine how not to alienate Urban American voters. Their research has thus far proven inconclusive.

GOP fears charges of racism, sexism [Politico]

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