Thanks for the Explanation

  • You wouldn’t be a presidential candidate if you didn’t have lots of corporate lobbyist friends. [Firedoglake]
  • WALNUTS! thinks highly of the FEC. [Talking Points Memo]
  • Barack Obama likes to set records and then break them. [Political Wire]
  • Barry cares about the opinions of all reactionary, self-involved jackasses and thus will probably take you up on your bet. [Redstate]
  • Yes, Michelle, please explain to us what Barbara Jordan stood for, because as a progressive voice for civil rights, you would know better than anyone else. [Michelle Malkin]
  • Listen Canada, let’s not do anything rash with a man whose only crime is making American teenagers happy. [Reason]
  • Rick and George are best of friends. [Fresh Intelligence]
  • Tom Coburn wishes he personally could have used chemical weapons on the Kurds in the 1980s. [Balloon Juice]


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