REPUBLICANS  10:34 am February 22, 2008

Grover Norquist Hired Illegal Alien For Back-Breaking Lobbyist Work

by Sara K. Smith

Grover Norquist has no commentAs if Americans didn’t have enough trouble with The Illegals coming up from Mexico to take all of our high-paying lettuce-picking jobs, there’s a new menace on the horizon. It comes from the lost pirate nation of Australia, which is sending a flood of lobbyists over our borders and depriving many hard-working Americans of the right to bribe Congress for a living.

Stunning revelations this week showed that Americans for Tax Reform, an organization run by anti-tax nut and Huckabee hater Grover Norquist, employed an Australian named Michael Kamburowski for 5 years even though he didn’t have a work permit. And the San Francisco Chronicle notes, hilariously, “Kamburowski lobbied Congress on dozens of issues, including immigration reform, according to his resume.”

This shady character also flitted in and out of jail on deportation charges, married a U.S. citizen but broke up with her before his green card application was processed, and did a bunch of boring things with tax legislation before being hired by the California Republican Party in 2007 and then resigning over his immigration status.

GOP lobbyist had no work permit [San Francisco Chronicle]


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OneBlkVoice July 16, 2009 at 5:26 pm

Yes the reality is that illegal aliens come from every country on the planet. It doesn’t matter to me what country you come from if you are in the U.S. illegally. If you work a job you are taking a potential job opportunity away from an unemployed american citizen. I think U.S. politicians should be as concerned about what is good for american citizens as leaders from other countries are concerned about promoting what is good for their citizens while in the U.S.

Its time politicians start looking out for american families.

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