A Cold Day in Wisconsin

  • Barry’s got the lead in Wisconsin, which means he might get to hold on to that state’s delegates until Hills steals them from him at the convention. [OpenLeft]
  • WALNUTS! says this current evil is the most evil of all evil. [Firdoglake]
  • Florida proclaims evolution is but a theory. [Think Progress]
  • What’s so wrong with borrowing? Didn’t you people ever learn to share? [Swamp Politics]
  • Barry and Hills want to crush your dreams of becoming an astronaut. [The RBC]
  • WALNUTS! often says silly things that make no sense, and today he is saying them about an imaginary pledge Barry made to take public financing. Perhaps he’s worried about having to run his campaign without any money. We would be. [Carpetbagger Report]
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