Michelle Obama’s Deep American Shame

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Somebody made a funnySo apparently clever, funny, sarcastic, straight-talking Michelle Obama is now some sort of America-hater and a public embarrassment to her husband. At a political rally yesterday she said “for the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country.” And America wept with chagrin that Mrs. Obama wasn’t proud when Ruth Bader Ginsburg was appointed to the Supreme Court, or when Kerri Strug singlehandedly won the Olympics, or when that one Space Shuttle launched and didn’t even blow up.

Cindy McCain, wife of the ancient squirrel-cheeked presidential hopeful John McCain, hastened to point out that she is proud of her country all the time, early and often, and twice on Sundays.

“I am proud of my country,” [she] said at a campaign stop in Brookfield, Wis., Tuesday. “I don’t know if you heard those words earlier … but I am very proud of my country.”

During a follow up press conference, the Arizona senator was asked if they were responding to Michelle Obama and he deferred to his wife.

She responded: “I just wanted to make the statement that I have and always will be proud of my country.”

Then she twisted the head off a terrorist and everybody cheered, except for Michelle Obama.

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