This is the city they were so mad aboutRon Paul’s most fervent supporters were outraged to learn that “Watson University” had rescinded an invitation for the Libertarian congressman to speak there. One commenter on The City Desk declared angrily that “Ron Paul can teach your entire student body more in 1 hour than they learn in 4 years of study.” But the biggest problem with this educational institution isn’t their brazen dis of America’s greatest patriot. It’s that it doesn’t exist.

City Desk editor RJ White cooked up the whole story to see what sort of nutbag comments it would attract. And yea, it yielded a veritable cornucopia of yahoos, including one poet whose sterling work is quoted here in full:

Nader Gravel & Paul Kucinich

Awake from your slumber
4 Wise Men march with the people
Washington DC

Honesty compassion intelligence guts
Not carrots sticks coercive diplomacy

Divided we fall
Mike Gravel
Dennis Kucinich
Ron Paul
Ralph Nader
No bribery blackmail extortion

Rage against the machine
Democracy rising democracy now
Suffer not

Other readers were horrified by White’s “sloppy journalism”:

Also have accurate reporting on candidates. Instead of writing biased material, tell us some positive information.

Give us a little credit, we’re not stupid. We’d like some links or other proof of your sources’ credibility.

Yes I agree, your mother raised a failure…. in you.

Please, Dr. Congressman Paul, don’t ever give up on America!

Ex-Candidate Ron Paul Dis-invited [The City Desk]

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