Cabal Of Dead Democrats Meeting For Gambling, Larfs

Image taken directly from Ken Mehlman's fever dreamsIt turns out that Hillary Clinton is not the only member of her family to speak with the dead. One artist has captured in paint definite proof of two living Democratic ex-presidents in sinister commune with the long deceased. What sort of liberal witchcraft is this coven engaged in? And what does it mean that Bill seems to “have all the chips,” while FDR “deals the cards”?

Brave artist Andy Thomas seems to have sat in on some sort of seance involving warlocks Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. Assembled around the table are John Kennedy, Woodrow Wilson, Lyndon Johnson, Harry Truman, the faceless head of Andrew Jackson, and Franklin Roosevelt. Amazingly, Truman appears to be the only one drinking …

The buck stops at this glass

… While Wilson listens uncomfortably to Johnson recounting that time he fucked JFK’s corpse in the throat:

That's what 'necking' means in Texas

It is sad to see that FDR doesn’t get to walk again, even in heaven:

He is too wealthy to need legs anyway

And, obviously, a seated Bill Clinton is getting a blow job under the table from a tragic otherworldly single-mom cocktail waitress who needs money for dog food.

Hurrah, a blow job joke at last!

This painting is called “True Blues,” because “Friend In Need” was taken.

True Blues by Andy Thomas [Somerset Fine Art]

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