McCain Asks Obama To Be Poor With Him

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The McCain campaign has been pressing Barack Obama to accept public financing in the general election (if he wins the nomination! If!) after Barry may or may not have “agreed” to do so a year ago. Now that Barry’s raising $1 million a day, however, this would really be a huge mistake. But will Barry pussy out and agree to this, as per usual?

WALNUTS! McCain has been hammering Barry recently for potentially reneging on his “pledge” to “use public financing for his general election if Mr. McCain does so as well.” Here’s the, uh, pledge that that grizzled old coot is talking about:

Last year, Mr. Obama sought an advisory ruling with the Federal Election Commission to see whether the campaign could opt out of public financing in the primary and accept it in the general election. It was merely an inquiry, he said, not a pledge to accept the financing.

As always, McCain is lying, and he’s a traitor to his country. But Barry is such a pussy that he might agree to this anyway. Here’s what he told reporters today:

“If I am the nominee, then I will make sure our people talk to John McCain’s people to make sure we abide by the same rules.”

[Slams head on desk]. Here’s a rule, Barry: Do not do anything John McCain tells you. You are making $1 million a day! If you listen to McCain’s advice, you’ll end up in a Vietnamese prison, somehow.

McCain Calls for Obama to Use Public Financing
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