People Talk Loudly Over Emcee Chris Matthews at Press Dinner

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chrismatthewsliz.jpgUh oh, it looks like last-minute emcee Chris “Chinese Bus” Matthews had some problems at last night’s Washington Press Club Foundation dinner. He was trying to talk, but everyone kept talking over him. Alas, he now knows what it’s like to be a guest on Hardball. A Wonkette operative tells the story, after the jump!

Ooh, a reporter:

I was one of the reporters at the Washington Press dinner last night mceed by Chris Matthews and he had to admonish the crowd several times for talking over him and the previous speaker — to no avail, the crowd just kept on talking right over Matthews.

But then once he was done and the more “important” people were up, not just Pelosi and co. but the journalism honorees, etc. the crowd was quiet. I think people just don’t like Chris Matthews.

So he got that feeling up his legs again, but it was a sad one. Poooooor Tweety.

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