Potomac Primary: McCain-Obama’s Big Night

Did you have some sort of plans Tuesday night? Were you crushed by the Terrorist Ice Strom? Well here’s some of what your Wonkette cooked up for you during our nation’s only Maryland-Virginia-DC primary:

* Barack Is Destroying HIllary
* Barack Is President Of Virginia!
* Chris Matthews Wants VA Gov Tim Kaine To “Speak Southern”
* Liveblogging the Potomac Primary Massacre
* Maryland Polls To Never Close
* CNN Reporter Singlehandedly Ruins Election For Hillary
* Liveblogging the Potomac Primaries, Part II
* Liveblogging Hillary’s Latest Concession Speech
* Liveblogging Barack’s Latest Victory Speech
* Liveblogging John McCain’s Triumphant Paean To Age
* So many odd & terrible Potomac Primary video clips posted by our video friend Ian Schwartz

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