Madame Tussauds Creates Wax Demons of Democrats

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Goo! That’s Barack and Hillary, in the Oval Office, except it’s a fake Oval Office and they are wax “busts.” The vaguely new Madame Tussauds wax museum in DC unveiled this exhibit yesterday in anticipation of today’s Potomac Chesapeake Crabby Primaries. The exhibit features other demonic constructions as well…

The President Bill and The John F. Kennedys, too! These are the only Democrats to ever exist:

And here’s a real human grabbing Hillary’s waxy ass:

Is that Monica Lewinsky perched in the left corner?

[via Reliable Source]
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  • wheelie

    You can tell it’s a wax Hillary because it’s so life-like.

  • Enturbulate

    Hillary married Obama? Where in the hell is Michelle? Scrubbin’ the floor “where she belongs!” Damn Madame Tussaud’s racists wax mummifiers!

  • Enturbulate

    [re=218092]Enturbulate[/re]: racist gah!

  • hobospacejungle

    Wax Hillary is way hotter than real Hillary. I’d hit that. If I were made of wax.