Drunks Heart Obama

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* Heard on the Hill: Sen. Robert Byrd seeks to maintain the dignity of the Senate… No one wants TheDemocratParty.comRon Paul’s idea of romance is a fundraiser… Pat Buchanan is not a fan of John McCain. [Roll Call]
* Yeas and Nays: Hillary Clinton is confused about which states she actually won. [Examiner]
* In the Know: “Mr. BEER Guy” makes Capitol Hill staffers want a drink… FamousDC calls out Rep. Al Green on his Bluetooth use…< b>Sen. John Thune doesn’t let his scooter injury get him down… Sen. Dave Durenberger finds himself in Doonesbury. [The Hill]
* Shenanigans: Conservative Political Action Committee promises to be nice to MrCain… Chief of staff to Rep. Russ Carnahan, Todd Patterson, is a public urinator… No. 1 fact about Dennis Kucinich: He’s a vegan… Drunks love Obama and McCain… The Year of the Rat doesn’t sound like a very good year. [Politico]
* The Sleuth:Harry Reid is trapped in 1984Rep. Nita Lowey votes no matter what. [WP]
* Page Six: Confusions over Times and Michelles… Maybe an illegitimate baby for JFK. [NYP]
* Rush & Molloy: Hillary Clinton shares a hairstylist with The Girls Next Door. [NYDN]

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