HILLARY CLINTON  1:54 pm February 4, 2008

Obama To Win California (Except Not)

by Jim Newell

RCPdems.jpgWhy is Obama focusing on smaller states when he’s SURGING in California polls? Because he’s probably going to lose it, since people have been voting there forever — including those days when some people liked Hillary Clinton.

Says the Internet’s Nick Beaudrot:

These breathless reports of a tied race in California are getting out of hand, as are those suggesting Obamantum will sweep him to a delegate victory on Super Tuesday. Everybody needs to get a grip here … Hillary Clinton had a twenty-four point lead among people who had actually cast ballots as recently as ten days ago. To over come that sort of head start, Obama would have to have had an unprecedented GOTV operation in California, and all indications are that while he has a large number of committed volunteers, there aren’t enough to effectively canvass the state.

Also, Jesse Jackson never won California, but he did lose several presidential elections. Hope on that, Obama Kids.

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