Here Is Some New Wonkette Person!

Good luck, sucker!Your newest Wonkette associate still confuses Barry Goldwater with that other guy, the Democrat (McGeorge Bundy?), and spends her free time watching surgery programs on The Learning Channel. In other words, she’s got that perfect combination of seasoned inside-the-beltway perspective and an intimate working knowledge of enlarged livers that makes her the right person at the right time for Wonkette, until she gets fired. Exciting and detailed personal information, after the jump!

Sara K. Smith was born into a band of roving hobos, but through sheer moxie and old-fashioned grit transformed herself into one of those white Ivy League-educated douchebags that “ordinary Americans” despise. Several years ago she abandoned her glamorous job as a freelance technology marketing writer to work for Sploid, another doomed venture headed up by Ol’ Beardy. She now happily jumps aboard this leaking proud vessel with Hope in her heart that she, like Hillary Clinton, may some day bring America the transcendent blessing of electronic medical records.

About the author

Sara K. Smith was Wonkette's morning editor from 2008 to 2010, and now contributes a weekly (?!) column to Wonkette, to prove she still loves you all!

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