Hatred, Venom, Race, Gender, War, Snub, Wrath: Democratic Party Does Hollywood!

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They hate each other. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton each wish the other would die, and then maybe shut up too. Tonight they will debate each other in Los Angeles, the population of which is 50% black, 50% Hispanic and mostly white. Everyone’s race is on the line. Everyone’s gender is on the line. I will be liveblogging it at 8 p.m. EST. Everything possible is happening tonight.

For the first time they’ll be the only two on stage — John Edwards will not be able to interrupt the candidates with his crazy talk about corporates, until 2012. Easygoing Barry’s a good barometer for the level of bile between him and Hillary, and he has been getting naaaasty recently. His South Carolina victory speech, The Snub at the State of the Union and yesterday’s “barnburner” against The Clintons indicate that he does, very badly, need a pack of cigarettes. And surely that’s no way to treat the white lady? Even if she is a tramp?

Obama, Clinton in One-On-One Debate [AP]

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