REPUBLICANS  10:24 am January 29, 2008

Say Goodbye To Rudy Giuliani, America’s Loser

by Ken Layne

Shaved his legs and then he was a she.Who would’ve guessed just a year ago that “regular Americans” hated Rudy Giuliani as much as, say, Wonkette? Republican or Democrat, Black or White, Kenyan or American, we are all united in this post-racial era of thinking Rudy’s a complete creep.

Today, our weirdest and most politically dangerous state will choose a GOP candidate. And if the good people of Florida continue to despise Rudy as much as normal people — polls show him tied for third with Mike Huckabee — our grand hero of 9/11 may be back on the corporate-retreat lecture circuit for good. Asked if he’ll finally drop out of the race and quit embarrassing our nation, Giuliani said, “Wednesday morning, we’ll make a decision.” [ABC News, Miami Herald]

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