Ghostly Voice Gives Mitt Romney Some Debate Help

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What exactly was that weird, whispery voice we heard between last night’s question to Mitt about Reagan and Social Security and Romney’s answer? Either Ronald Reagan is giving help from beyond the grave or Mitt was wearing a wire.

The question, from Tim Russert: “I know you’re a big fan of Ronald Reagan. Will you do for Social Security what Ronald Reagan did in 1983?”

The ghostly voice says “Raise taxes.” Or, “Raised taxes.” Because that’s what Reagan did in 1983: raised payroll taxes, supposedly to shore up Social Security. So it’s a trick question from Russert, get it?

Anyway, you can see Mitt’s eyes register the whispered hint, and then he says, “I’m not gonna raise taxes.”

Russert, possibly furious over being out-maneuvered by Romney’s wired-in research team, then dully delivers his gotcha about how Reagan raised taxes.

So, Mitt Romney is definitely presidential. He wears a wire just like George W. Bush!

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