New York Times Wishes All Best To Rudy F****** Giuliani

nytcover.jpgWhy did the New York Times even bother writing a Republican primary endorsement? And since they did, couldn’t they have found a single editorial board lackey who gave a shit? Look at this first sentence: “We have strong disagreements with all the Republicans running for president.” Jesus, why don’t you wave your vanity flag a little higher?

Meh, who cares. The Rudy part is really funny.

Of course this all helps Rudy in the primaries (is he beyond help?), because he gets to be the anti-New York Times candidate. As he told us last night, the Times hates him because he’s a “conservative Republican.” The Times says it’s because Rudy’s a devious exploiting ratty ten-ton collection of ape shit:

The real Mr. Giuliani, whom many New Yorkers came to know and mistrust, is a narrow, obsessively secretive, vindictive man who saw no need to limit police power. Racial polarization was as much a legacy of his tenure as the rebirth of Times Square.

Mr. Giuliani’s arrogance and bad judgment are breathtaking. When he claims fiscal prudence, we remember how he ran through surpluses without a thought to the inevitable downturn and bequeathed huge deficits to his successor. He fired Police Commissioner William Bratton, the architect of the drop in crime, because he couldn’t share the limelight. He later gave the job to Bernard Kerik, who has now been indicted on fraud and corruption charges.

The Rudolph Giuliani of 2008 first shamelessly turned the horror of 9/11 into a lucrative business, with a secret client list, then exploited his city’s and the country’s nightmare to promote his presidential campaign.

Whiny ass liberals.

Primary Choices: John McCain [New York Times]

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