REPUBLICANS  11:19 pm January 23, 2008

Inside the GOP Florida Debate’s Swag Bag

by Ken Layne

I got sunshine in a bag
Wonkette operative Lauren Selsky just picked up her GOP debate gift bag in Boca Raton. What do you get for going to a Republican debate these days? Let’s find out!

When I picked up my media credentials from FAU/Leadership Florida this afternoon, they also handed out this nice “swag bag.” I doubt it compares to the Oscars, but at least I won’t be taxed for it. Here’s what’s inside the nifty little canvas bag with “Florida Decision 2008″ printed on the front:

* Folder with information about Florida: elections, news, rising property taxes, etc.
* National Opinion Ballot Report book (good read).
* Pocket New Testament. (Okay, that’s a lie. However, someone did hand me one of those yesterday.)
* Note pad.
* Hand Sanitizer.
* “Decision 2008″ button.
* “Welcome to Palm Beach County” pamphlet.
* Card with the “benefits of chewing gum” explained on the back.

Plus, sustenance:
Donkey Kong

* Red, White and Blue M&M’s with what look like Donkeys on the front, which is weird because this is a Republican debate.
* Container of Jolt mints (5 mints = 1 cup o’ Joe).
* Cliff Bar.
* Pomegranate Jelly Bellys.
* Pack of Extra-brand gum.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll get a voucher for the school cafeteria!
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