DEMOCRATS  5:37 pm January 23, 2008

Bill Clinton Likes Candidate Fighting, Dislikes Candidate Fighting

by Jim Newell

don't try me, wire reporterBill Clinton wants to kill you. All of you. When Bill Clinton gets angry, he wants to kill everything. At least this has been the tale the last couple of weeks — rumors abound that Ted Kennedy and Rep. Rahm Emanuel, neither of whom is known for their soothing qualities, have been telling Bill to shut up before he destroys the party. But Bill Clinton has never shut up in his life.

Yesterday he even admitted that he liked seeing Obama and Hillary fight; today, however, he lashed out at a reporter and said that fighting “hurts the people of South Carolina.” In other news, John McCain visited an interior decorator today who specializes in oval-shaped offices.

Just when you thought the Clintons and Barack Obama couldn’t get any nastier [NY Daily News]
Bill Clinton gets upset with CNN reporter [CNN]

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