There may be too many Bush-Cheney 0-Faux slogans for us to get to all of them today. But just as the joke was starting to get old, we started receiving email from people who had put in one snarky slogan and gotten something completely different. It makes the Sloganator seem like it has a mind of its own. A filthy one, but its own nonetheless. It’s the world’s dumbest bot.

Wonketteer: “hello”
Sloganator: “Closet Case Children of the RNC for . . .”

Wonketteer: “Hide your daughters!”
Sloganator: “Let’s loose like Daddy did!”

Wonketteer: “Lookout Syria…”
Sloganator: “It’s ugly but so are you.”

Wonketteer: “Alabama” as my state and “Birmingham” as the city
Sloganator: “These candidates received NO BLOWJOBS.”

Wonketteer: “Cause Jesus Don’t Love No Gays”
Sloganator: “No ass fucking” [I am so proud. — Ed.]

W: All Things to All People [Wonkette]
Your Slogans [Wonkette]

Wonketter: “Stop Gays, Amend the Constitution!”
Sloganator: “Lies and More Lies!”

Wonketter: “Pole Smokers for”
Sloganator: “WE HATE ASIANS TOO!”

Wonketter: “I fooled ya once, let me fool ya twice”
Sloganator: “Pass the cocaine.” 

Wonketter: “Unimaginably Destructive” (not my best, but
Sloganator: “Dead Soldiers Are Our Business.”

Wonketter: “Gay Homo Fags for Bush”
Sloganator: “Support the Lies”

Wonketter: “Uber Alles”
Sloganator: “Not As Bad As Sauron”

Wonketter: “Laid Back Belgians for” and I got:
Sloganator: “I (heart) EVIL!”

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