GEORGE W. BUSH  12:16 pm January 21, 2008

We’re Missing Cheney E-mails That Might Implicate Him? LIES!

by Jim Newell

who knows where the e-mail goes? the hobbit knows, the hobbit knowsOn September 30, 2003, President Bush said he’d “take care” of anyone in his administration who leaked Valerie Plame’s secret CIA identity to the journalists. On THIS VERY SAME DAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 2003, Dick Cheney sent out several e-mails that have now gone missing. Our very vice president! Deleting his very e-mails! I know I never delete e-mails.

The Demrats need to investigate this, because if they find some evil e-mailery then… then Harry Reid will try his best to prevent any sort of justice from prevailing! Let’s stir up some more controversy in this last year of Bush/Cheney’s reign, because their book agents need higher quotes to offer memoir bidders.

Email missing from Cheney’s office on day White House told to preserve documents in CIA leak [Raw Story]

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