dont_mess_with_texas1.jpgIt was announced today in an exciting ceremony that Texas is now far and away the country’s foremost producer of carbon emissions, emitting more than the states ranked two (California) and three (Pennsylvania) combined. And the plan the state has developed to deal with its massive output of pollution into the atmosphere is this: fuck you.

Texas has its oil refineries, its coal-burning power plants and certainly no mass transit in any of its major cities and does not plan on changing any of these things anytime soon thank-you-oh-so-very-much. Also, huge, jacked-up pickup trucks are crucial to the very social fabric of of Texas and exist there in greater abundance than, swear to God, any other place on Earth. Proof of this can be seen in any high school parking lot anywhere in the state. So, fuck you, America. Texas plans to continue to spew enough carbon dioxide into the air as to make it totally irrelevant what California – or any other state – does to curb their emissions.

Texas is biggest carbon polluter [Associated Press]

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