Send In The Canadians

  • Condi goes to Baghdad to get everything all reconciled. The only way that’s going to happen is if she takes the soldiers with her when she leaves. [New York Times]
  • US commander takes over Afghanistan NATO unit so maybe some foreigns can do some dying for a change. [New York Times]
  • Hey, so now instead of eating heavily-processed, crappy food, we’ll get to eat cloned, heavily-processed, crappy food. [Washington Post]
  • Now it’s time for your stupid generation to ruin everything for a while. [The Hill]
  • All the other GOP candidates figure they might as well go with McCain, too. [Politico]
  • Outside the Senate maybe no one gives a shit about Chris Dodd, but in the Senate he’s a rockstar. [Roll Call]
  • Fuck a bunch of terms limits, yo. [Los Angeles Times]
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