my son hasn't spoken to me in 40 years -- go rudy!While other Republicans are busy running for president in Michigan and South Carolina, Rudy Giuliani is sticking with that Florida strategy of his (it also happens to be warmer there than in Michigan). Yesterday, he went to church for the first time all campaign season, that fucking heathen. It was an Hispanic sanctuary, much like New York City during the Giuliani years.

Top Three Bullshit Giuliani Quotes From His Visit To El Rey Jesus Church In Miami Yesterday:

3) “I’m not coming here to ask for your vote…. That’s up to you and it’s not the right place. But I am coming here to ask you for something very special and more important: I’m asking for your prayers.” [AP]

2) “This is a beautiful church, and I can feel the spirit of God in this room.” [NY Daily News]

1) “I started every day of class making the sign of the cross, praying to Jesus, praying to Mary. … And it built into my very being an understanding that we have to pray for help.” [NY Daily News]

Rudy Giuliani’s religious Florida trip [NY Daily News]
Giuliani Turns to Prayer in Florida [AP]

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