REPUBLICANS  11:21 pm January 10, 2008

South Carolina BBQ: GOP Debate Wrapup Horror

by Ken Layne

Well, that’s done. Fred “It’s All About Huckabee” is on Fox News talking to that punching bag … what’s his name, Alan. And now Huckabee is on, pretending he didn’t hear Thompson. Maybe they’ll let Dr. Congressman Ron Paul on soon, who will claim he didn’t hear anything that happened all night, even though he will not condemn those who said it. Oh, and to our special make-believe GOP debate spokesmodel Miss Teen South Carolina, let’s just say all is forgiven. You are forgiven! Thanks everybody for another gruesome night of debate coverage and comment. Drive safe, everyone (back to the liquor store). Our fun-filled live-blogging posts are 1) here and 2) here and 3) here.

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