Remember GOP Senator Norm Coleman’s hot model wife? Well she’s back, with the life-changing As Seen On TeeVee product we’ve been waiting for ever since we killed the dog with the FLO-BEE. Laurie Coleman is now selling the amazing BLO & GO. Just blow, and go! So awesome. After the jump, see how she looks almost naked.

Laurie Coleman is best known for some pictures that would be pretty horrific if she was, say, Larry Craig’s wife. Here’s one of the pictures:

Anyway, now she’s the spokesmodel for this piece of crap. It’s a hook for your blow dryer. So, we guess, you need to blow dry your hair but you can’t life your arms because of what happened in ‘Nam. And then just BLO & GO. Amazing. Order now and we’ll send you a plate with Abraham Lincoln’s face painted on it by Chinese slave laborers.


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  1. I was in Laurie’s acting class in Hollywood back in 2002. No one had any clue she was married to Norm Coleman until he won his Senate seat and she dropped out suddenly to go play his wife. We thought it was a joke until there she was a couple days later on tv by his side as if they loved each other. They had been living apart for years. Their marriage is a complete sham.

    She never wore a wedding ring and never spoke of a husband, so we all assumed she was single; especially since she was flirtatious with the guys in the class (had she not been so much older than myself, I could have, and would have; in a word, she was horny — that’s all I’m gonna say). She was as wooden as one would expect a model to be — emotionless and aloof, there because she had money and free time; i.e., a serious actor’s worst nightmare if you have to do a scene with her.

  2. What, is she just too stupid to sit on the board of directors of a couple of companies Norm can “help” as a US Senator? Does she have to keep showing us her well worn lady parts? Mrs Coleman…put it away…no mas baby, no mas.
    On the bright side, “Blo and Go” is an excellent working tittle for any historical work dealing with the republican revolution and its subsequent implosion.

  3. What the hell is she doing hanging around Norm Coleman?! Crimeny, she’s hot! In fact she’s better looking then Caribou Barbie!
    If all those republican politicians are gay, how come they always get the good looking girls?

    (Except of course, Larry Craig’s wife?)

    And yes, “Blo&Go,” was her nickname in high school.

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