Clinton Makes Fun of Edwards, Which is Fine

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hillarycrazy.jpgFamous whore Hillary Clinton, in some sobby vagina chat with Katie Couric following her New Hamsters victory, knew she would win, despite her own pollsters having her down by 11 points. The coffee, she says, was magically anti-Negro that morning: “On Tuesday morning when I got up before the sun was up, and was out helping to deliver coffee to everybody who was working for me, I felt really good by the time I came in around early afternoon.” Of course she felt good! Nothing like a good scripted cry to make you feel all dandy inside.

Also, she made fun of John Edwards for trying to be Obama’s momentum-mooch during last weekend’s debate, and that’s almost too true. No Hillary Hatred can make John Edwards seem any less annoying:

This is the toughest job in the world. I was laughing because you know in that debate, obviously Sen. Edwards and Sen. Obama were kind of in the buddy system on the stage. And I was thinking whoever’s up against the Republican nominee in the election debates come the fall is not gonna have a buddy to fall back on. You know, you’re all by yourself. When you’re president, you’re there all by yourself.

Yeah yeah by yourself blah blah poo. Still, Edwards needs to stop spinning himself into the loser candidate who’s the most like whichever current winner exists. Just keep talking about the CORPORATES and/or quit, guy.

Clinton On Her Win, Rivals’ “Buddy System” [CBS News]

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