All Obamaworld Citizens To Be Branded

When Barry Hussein Obama becomes the world’s Enlightened Prince of Hope next year, people will be literally lining up to get their new permanent Obamaworld tattoos, on their foreheads. Obama’s campaign has already produced a staggering array of Obama-logo variations for every race and birthplace and interest. The “mark of the Beast” has never looked so good!

The “Speak Up” weblog has painstakingly catalogued all the endless race/gender/age/U.S. state versions of the beloved Obama logo, which in its natural state looks like …. We don’t know, a Pepsi logo? A Pepsi logo of Hope?

Just slap a gay Care Bears rainbow on the thing, and it’s OBAMA PRIDE:

Make it look retarded, and it’s a “Kids for Obama” logo!

Put a blinding light that destroys all reason in the middle, and you’ve got an Obama logo for the born-agains:

But the Obama people have predictably left out some other groups who are very important to the 2008 election cycle. For example, where’s the Obamaworld corporate logo for meth addicts, or the Klan? We’ll get you started with this great new Obama logo for Ron Paul fanatics:

The Hardest Working Presidential Candidate Logo [Speak Up]

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