Monster Demon Wrestler Endorses Paul

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kiiiiilllllllll!!! ... the fourteenth amendmentAs some of you may recall, WWE wrestler Ric “The Nature Boy” Flair recently endorsed Teh Huckbeez right around the start of his surge in the polls. But does Ric Flair mean shit in the heirarchy of pro wrestling? Bitch. Please. Enter wrestling god Glenn Jacobs, stage name “Kane,” who has endorsed Ron Paul. After the jump, learn more about this monster Paultard.

A friendly tipster writes:

While Kane probably gets more TV time than Ric Flair nowadays, he’s much less of a power player for the Pro Wrestling Fan vote. Kane is one of the big tall “monster” wrestlers who can’t do anything besides punch and stomp for 10 minutes. He is known for his “chokeslam move” and bringing his arms down in a big fell swoop, which causes the ringposts to explode in columns of fire. His former credits include Dr. Isaac Yankem, an evil dentist wrestler.

Here’s a video of him using his “mystical powers” to start fires:

To learn more about Kane, check him out on the Ron Paul 2008 endorsement website under “celebrities.”

Glenn Jacobs endorsement of Ron Paul [Ron Paul 2008]

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