When Deer Attack, One Man Attacks Back

Scarier than they lookMartin “Pete” Castle of Frederick County, Maryland (the outer of outermost commutes) was in his garage when a deer decided to seize the opportunity of his apparent absence to attack his front window, couch, wife and sliding glass doors. The obviously possessed deer, however, didn’t count on the confusion of curtains or the ability of a sliding glass door to withstand an attack. In her confusion, Pete seized the opportunity and wrestled the deer to the couch, holding her in a half-Nelson (half-Bambi?) until animal control officers arrived. Pete’s wife, though, is pretty pissed about all the blood, which Pete is obviously not bothering to help clean up because it takes him more than 2 hours a day to get to and from his job because he lives in Frederick Fucking County. [Boston.com]

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