DENNIS KUCINICH  3:12 pm December 14, 2007

Kucinich Sells Horrible Recount Relic for Xmas

by Jim Newell

as seen in star warsStill haven’t bought your special someone a Christmas gift? Well let salesman Dennis Kucinich make you v. v. special offer: For only $219.95, Dennis Kucinich sell you “a Palm Beach County voting machine from the 2000 election ‘containing actual chads,’ with a ‘replica butterfly ballot’ and a letter signed by Kucinich proclaiming ‘the stolen presidential election of 2000,’” to quote Gannett News. Very good price, my friend.

Kucinich is trying to sell 1,200 of these machines through a Florida collector, and so far has sold three, which is either three more or three less than I would have predicted. Besides, if you’re going to buy something at the Official Kucinich Store, it has to be the doggie scarf:

kucdoggie.jpgDennis, I’ll totally vote for you if you give me that dog. Or your wife.

Kucinich Christmas: Hanging chads for all [Gannett/USA Today]
[Official Kucinich Store]

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