Lobbyists Really Don’t Mind Prison

* Heard on the Hill: ABC New’s Brian Ross not allowed to get a “Taste of the Holidays…Dennis Cardoza takes flossing seriously…John Madden’s got fans in high places. [Roll Call]
* Reliable Source: Fear not, there’s still hope for Gilbert Arenas marriage…Nancy Pelosi welcomes grandchild #7. [WP]
* Yeas and Nays: Valentino does one last show in D.C….Power Democrats of the Glover Park Group spend some time in sunny Puerto Rico…Bill Bennett is looking for a fight with Arianna Huffington. [Examiner]
* The Sleuth: Nancy Pelosi is after those misbehaving pages. [WP]
* Page Six:Will Smith joins list of celebs throwing their support behind Barack Obama. [NYP]
* Washington Whispers: Laura Bush is going to miss her White House Christmases…Jack Abramoff getting accustomed to the prison life-style…Democratic National Committee saw Huckabee coming…Social studies teachers choose Hillary Clinton and Fred Thompson. [USN&WR]

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