Be Kind Rewind

* If the Democrats in Congress knew about the CIA’s destruction of torture tapes and did nothing about it, why do conservatives hate the Democrats so much? [Michelle Malkin]

* Says Rockefeller: I knew about the tapes. Oh, wait. No I didn’t. [TPMmuckraker]

* The President wasn’t “aware” of the tapes says Perino, and that’s probably true as the guy isn’t aware of all that much. [Think Progress]

* If only there was a way for no one to win the Iowa caucus, or for Iowa to fall into the ocean. [Election Central]

* Barry wants to make sure everyone in that miserable state knows what a great speech he gave there one time. [The Hill Blog]

* “I declined the invitation to participate in the Spanish-language Republican presidential debate on Sunday because I do not want to endorse the further Balkanization of American political life…” [Hot Air]

* Hey guys, take your orders and shut the fuck up. [Redstate]

* “Pelosi seeks review of page sex,” as she should. As she should. [Swamp Politics]

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