Maryland Delegate Lawton Dies, Police Claim “Natural Causes”

Damn Comcast!Maryland Delegate Jane Lawton left her Montgomery County home this morning prepared to do battle with the cable companies as a speaker at the Department of Justice Antitrust Division’s 2007 Telecommunications Symposium. Jane planned on talking to her audience about local government’s constraints on competition in the cable television market and how that’s being changed by telephone companies – i.e., she was weighing in on the Comcast – Verizon FiOS wars currently being waged in suburbia.

After giving her speech at this open forum, which undoubtedly included “representatives” of the cable industry, she dropped dead. The police are claiming that Jane had a heart attack, but Wonkette finds the timing too suspicious to believe that. RIP, Jane. You were probably a really nice lady and I really like my FiOS. [DOJ, Washington Post]

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