MEDIA  12:15 pm November 21, 2007

WaPo Really Phoning It In Before Thanksgiving

by Jim Newell

first realization: dana milbank is a guy. second realization: dana milbank is a tom turkey.The Washington Post did two interesting things today: Columnist Ruth Marcus ripped Paul Krugman a new one, and a turkey was interviewed. We will focus on the latter.

The turkey being interviewed is May, one of the two — along with Flower — that President Bush pardoned yesterday. In this video, May gobbles a lot for like a minute. Then Post political reporter extraordinaire Dana Milbank drops the punchline that even we thought was too obvious to use yesterday: “Eat your heart out, Scooter. You got commuted, I got the full pardon.”

Hahahhaaa. Ha. The world is dying. [Pain].

An Interview with a Turkey [WP]

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