pfoo.jpgDavid Phillips, license plate rights activist and onetime Larry Craig boy toy, won his battle against the Virginia DMV and can proudly continue cruising the streets of Arlington with his POOFTER plates. “VA DMV called this morning to back down,” Phillips told our Condi correspondent Peter Huestis. “I had sent their generic plates back last week directly to the head of the DMV with a very strong letter regarding First Amendment rights. The new manager for Special Plates called to acknowledge receipt of the substitute plates and to orally declare the issue closed. As I told my office mate, don’t fuck with a queen over 40 — you will not win.”

For Huestis, who is friends with Phillips, this comes as a relief: “The great saga of the Great Virginia Poofter Plate Battle comes to a fitting end,” he wrote on his blog. “With the Poofter on top, natch.”

BREAKING NEWS! Poofter Wins Great Virginia License Plate War [Sparkle Pony]

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