SCANDALS  12:49 pm November 20, 2007

Ultimate Price of Bob Allen’s Sucky Fun: $400K

by Jim Newell

what's 400,000 divided by 20?Remember how we said the “Twenty Dollar” Bob Allen saga was kaput? Well, it still is — unless you live in Florida. If you follow the logical thread that bathroom blowjob = gay embarrassment = weeklong misdemeanor trial = conviction = resignation, the laugh cycle has reached its limit for most Americans. But for Floridians it continues, because resignation = special election = MONEY$. And as the Orlando Sentinel reported today, a special election could cost the state $400,000. The state could either tap into its tax revenue or allow Bob Allen to buy 20,000 blowjobs from government employees.

Filling Rep. Bob Allen’s seat could cost Orange, Brevard $200,000 each [Orlando Sentinel]

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