Georgia Gov. Claiming Victory in Rain Prayer

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mmm... david phillips...Well, shit. After Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue and his ilk prayed for rain Tuesday to end the state’s drought, the Atlanta region was drenched through Wednesday night. How many tears did God pour out? According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, overnight rainfall totals were .14 inches at one airport, .21 inches at another airport and .28 inches at an air base. It’s still unclear whether Jesus blesses other things besides airports in Georgia.

Perdue told the AJC that he’s not gloating about his prayer’s success. We won’t get into the semantics of “gloating,” but we will criticize him for being an fuckwit:

“As we do all we can from a conservation standpoint, virtually all of us know we are dependent on rain. I am just a person who believes it comes from God,” Perdue said.

Wow, God really must love him, eh? One other thing, though: They have on most local news shows, as well as on the Internet, this thing called an “extended weather forecast” that can tell you when a major “cold front” bringing “moisture” is coming. Did God direct Perdue to that, also?

Cold front brings rain; Governor calls it an ‘affirmation’ [AJC]

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