GOSSIP ROUNDUP  12:09 pm November 15, 2007

‘Meet The Press’ Almost as Old as Roberta McCain

by Jim Newell

* Heard on the Hill: State Department Inspector General Howard “Cookie” Krongard forgot his brother worked for Blackwater…Congressmen advised to plan on slow elevators…Rep. Louie Gohmert wants the Capitol Visitor Center to get godly…Poll shows people want Hillary for a Thanksgiving guest. [Roll Call]
* Reliable Source: Reliable Source does the 60th anniversary Meet the Press by the numbers. [WP]
* Yeas and Nays: Network newsies roast each other…Newt Gingrich’s new film Rediscovering God in America packs a punch for 9th Circuit Court of Appeals judges…Pros vs. Joes poker tournament has some of the biggest names in the game…Bari Laurie ditches Hillary for the Nationals. [Examiner]
* Shenanigans: Robert Novak isn’t familiar with the name Valerie Plame. [Politico]

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