Prostitute Discusses David Vitter’s Small Penis in Hustler

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Louisiana Senator David Vitter will never resign, it seems. Why resign? He only fucked one of the DC Madam’s whores. Or maybe… maybe there was a history of sleeping with prostitutes? Well, in the video above from Hustler, ex-Lousiana prostitute Wendy Yow Ellis (working name: Wendy Cortez) discusses her history of sleep-ins with Vitter in the late 1990s, when he was a mere state legislator. No titties, though. You’ll have to buy the January Hustler for that.

Among Ellis’ juicier details:

* “It was a rule that I could not wear any perfume, body lotions, not even take a shower… because he did not want any scent on him whatsoever. He would always come in, hang his jacket on the door, go into the bathroom and take a shower. He would come out with a towel wrapped around him and sit down on the bed. We’d talk. And then he’d do his business.”
* Vitter has a “very small penis.”
* Vitter is lame and only did missionary.

Fuck it, just watch the video.

Prostitute tells her Vitter tale in skin mag [New Orleans Times-Picayune]
Prostitute Wendy Cortez discribes [sic] the David Vitter affair [YouTube]

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    Appreciate you saving me the time I would have wasted watching this video…thanks! :-)