Tickle Torture!

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* Next time Barry Obama sees Bill Clinton, he’s going to punch him right in the fucking face. [Political Radar]
* OMG she fucked up so bad in the debate she’s finished totally done for see ya Hillary. Oh, wait. [Political Wire]
* On the bright side, who really cares that much about Sheboygan anyway? [Carpetbagger Report]
* And also, the government is stealing money from old people because it’s as easy as stealing candy from a baby. Or, stealing money from an old person. [WorldNet Daily]
* Ron Paul can raise goofy amounts of money and that means precisely dick for his presidential campaign. [Capitol Hill Blue]
* Bernie Kerik got indicted today, and Giuliani says that maybe he made a little boo-boo. [Swamp Politics]
* Huckabee Fever has people shedding pounds all over Iowa, but it’s mostly because of the incredibly high fevers. [MoJo]

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