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Bob Allen Jury To Visit Infamous Potty

by Jim Newell

this guy, you know him, no commentFlorida Today‘s brilliant liveblogging of the Bob Allen penis trial continues with day three of hilarious “he said/he said” (h/t Larry Craig) misunderstandings. The trial is expected to go all aftern–

Oh wait! The trial won’t resume until tomorrow morning, because they’re taking a field trip to the hot dog factory itself.

It’s so exciting that we can’t just quote it. A screen grab from Florida Today is necessary:
hrrrmmmmmAnd from defense questioning earlier this morning:

[Defense attorney] Eisenmenger also questioned how Allen was able to fit into the stall with [Titusville police officer Daniel Kavanaugh, who testified he was standing in the middle against a far wall.

Kavanaugh said the stall was large enough to accommodate two adults.

"The stall is big. From where I was standing, a person could walk into the stall and sit on the toilet, use the sink or use the paper towel dispenser without me moving," he said.

He first estimated the width at about 10 feet. But when Eisenmenger brought out a tape measure, he reduced his estimate to "less than 10 feet."

The Internet's gonna be awesome tomorrow.

Allen jury takes field trip to park's restroom [Florida Today]

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