MOVIES  4:39 pm November 7, 2007

Laura Dern Channeling Her Inner Kitty Harris

by Jim Newell

DR GRANT THE RAPTORS ARE LOOSE!Laura Dern is playing Katherine “Kitty” Harris in HBO’s upcoming film Recount, an adaptation of a lost Care Bears book in which Al Gore doesn’t become president. And on Monday, they were filming in Tallahassee — only backwards.

As the good folks at have pointed out, Dern’s horse is heading in the wrong direction, mayhaps altering the course of history and retroactively dis-Mission-Accomplishing the Iraq War!:
kittylaura.jpgLaura Dern was actually headed to Tallahassee Park’s backup power generator to reboot the city’s security systems, until raptors attacked her from either side.

Dern, Spacey in Timely Recount Movie []
Top photo by AP

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