GEORGE W. BUSH  11:40 am October 31, 2007

Kucinich Questions Bush’s Mental Health

by Jim Newell

time to question her mental health as wellIn an interview Tuesday with the Philadelphia Inquirer‘s editorial board, the UFO-abducted Rep. Dennis Kucinich suggested that Bush’s mental health be examined, like, for serious. The recommendation came in response to a Bush comment that Iran building nuclear weapons probs will start “World War III.” Quoth Kucinich in response, “I seriously believe we have to start asking questions about his mental health…. There’s something wrong. He does not seem to understand his words have real impact.” Some are calling Kucinich crazy, but, um, this is clearly the most logical campaign stance Kucinich has ever taken.

Kucinich: Time to question Bush’s mental health [Philadelphia Inquirer]

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