Is Patricia Heaton Evil?

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* Heard on the Hill: Sen. Kent Conrad’s intern Ty Olson has a Jack Bauer kind of day…Sen. Max Baucus is losing his staff to lobbyists…Rep. Sam Graves can’t stop congratulating Eagle Scouts. [Roll Call]
* Reliable Source: Lorraine Miller can’t raise enough money to be honored. [WP]
* Yeas and Nays: Bill Clinton is a fan of Hillary regardless…Jaclyn Smith on Embassy Row tonight…DC’s own Nick Swezey is winning big on Jeopardy! [Examiner]
* Under the Dome: Lambda Rising passes out coupons at the “Values Voters Summit”…Richard Gere’s got a future in politics…Sen. Arlen Specter might want to thank Trent Lott for being the butt of his jokes…Sticks and stones may break his bones, but calling Dick Cheney Darth Vader will never hurt him…Bill Frist throws his support behind Fred Thompson. [The Hill]
* Shenanigans: Don’t fear the RudyRep. Tom Davis: expert car jumper. [Politico]
* Page Six: Patricia Heaton threw a party for Republicans in Hollywood and all five of them made it. [NYP]

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