TOP  4:57 pm October 16, 2007


by Jim Newell

cheneyblack.jpgLynne Cheney was on MSNBC this afternoon promoting some new book or clothes line or being weird or something; ANYWAY, in talking about the research she did for whatever she did, she drops this cataclysmic, earth-shaking humor bomb of drastic ethnic implications (via ThinkProgress, which has video!):

One of the things I discovered was that Dick and Barack Obama are eighth cousins. Is that an amazing thing? If you go back eight generations, we have a common ancestor.

That is amazing, Lynne! So does this mean Dick Cheney is an octoroon or a hexadecaroon?? (Yeah, it’s probably Obama’s white side, but that’s unimportant right now.)

Lynne Cheney: “Dick and Barack Obama are eighth cousins.” [ThinkProgress]

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