Rudy Giuliani’s Best Friend Will Be Indicted, Too

Rudy Giuliani’s best friend, future Secretary of Defense Bernard Kerik, has led a colorful life of being a convicted criminal, New York mobster and sex creep. Bernie also almost got the best mafia job of all, thanks to Rudy: handing out gazillions of federal dollars to “the family” as Bush’s director of the cash-cow Homeland Security Department. And now, once again, Kerik’s going to be indicted — this time by the Feds.

Federal prosecutors are going after sleazebag Kerik for “bribery, tax fraud and obstruction of justice,” according to the NY Daily News.

Kerik’s latest indictment is just the way things go in Rudy Giuliani’s world. This year alone, Rudy’s best friends and advisers have been caught in a Caligula-esque series of horrid crimes, including a South Carolina campaign official caught trafficking cocaine, David Vitter’s diaper-hooker troubles, and a pedophile priest being housed and funded by Giuliani’s own law firm.

About the only thing Rudy’s campaign hasn’t been caught doing this year is murder, but there’s still a whole year until Election Day.

Prosecutors expected to file charges against Bernard Kerik [NY Daily News]

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