NYC Gay Legend Dead After Saudi Sex Parties In D.C.

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Dean Johnson was a six-foot-six bald-headed HIV-positive meth-using porn star and glam-rock frontman known for his New York events such as C.B.G.B.’s “Rock ‘n Roll Fag Party.” He was found dead in D.C. last week, and his unidentified corpse sat in a local morgue for days before being identified. Oh, and according to the New York Post, Johnson was routinely visiting Washington to run “weird sex parties” for an unidentified Saudi millionaire.

Lower East Side photographer John Penley told Page Six that e-mails from Johnson’s computer reveal he’d been going to D.C. regularly “to set up weird sex parties for a wealthy Saudi guy. Nobody knows his identity, but it’s all very suspicious.”

Johnson’s friends in New York suspect he was murdered. He was reportedly watching “Cruising” on DVD — the one about murdering gay prostitutes for kicks — just before his death. He either was or wasn’t found with another dead man.

Asks“Did a wealthy Saudi sex fiend kill Johnson?”

That’s a good question! Here’s another one we’d like answered: Who went to these gay sex orgies in D.C. hosted by “a wealthy Saudi guy”? Where exactly on Massachusetts Ave. NW were they held? And which members of the Bush Administration and the Senate/House minority leadership can tell us more?

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