He has no time for you, college boy - WonketteExaminer White House correspondent Bill Sammon, in an interview with Hugh Hewitt:

I’ll go on Air Force One or on the trips with the President, or on the press charter, and you’ll see David Gregory kicked back, and he’s got the big…he makes a big show of he’s got the latest Bob Woodward book, big 500 pound tome, he’s making a show of reading it. And they all do it, and they’ve got the New Yorker out, which I just can’t stand, and they think that when they come up with a story idea, or when they frame a story and present a story, that they are sort of representing, you know, middle America, because their sensibilities much reflect middle America.

They think they’re so smart, reading their books and wearing their ties and looking at magazines without pictures of ladies in them. Makes Bill Sammon sick just to think about it. Jerks.

Bill Sammon is a Catty Bitch [Instaputz]

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